What if the office chair of different material gets damp?

The damage of moisture to the office chair is more serious. If sponges, mesh, fabric, etc. are affected by moisture for a long time, then mildew will occur. Next, GDHERO office chair manufacturer do a simple explanation.

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First of all, let's talk about fabric office chair. Fabric can be divided into mesh fabric and lint fabric, which is more common in life. Fabric office chair is easy to be damp in the case of no ventilation, If the office chair is not used for a long time, it may have become moldy, which not only affects people's health, but also affects the service life of the office chair. So how to solve this problem? Try to open the window and the door for ventilation, and open the air conditioner for dehumidification, not to put other superfluous things in the office which will increase the humidity of the office.

Then talk about the leather office chair, the wet office environment is easy to make the leather surface adsorbing some water vapor, which will lead to rapid aging and hardening of leather, if too serious, there may be deformation and fading for the office chair. Then How to solve this problem? One is that often to doing dust removal on the office chair leather , and daub some leather nursing special oil on it. This way it can not only moisture-proof mildew but also be softened for the leather. If it is cloudy and rainy, wipe the leather surface of the office chair with a dry towel every day, and apply a layer of oil to do maintenance if possible.

GDHERO office chair manufacturer hopes that the above method can be helpful to you. For office chair, we still suggest that we can do a regular inspection and maintenance for them.

Post time: Aug-09-2022