The development history of gaming chair

Gaming chair, originated from the earliest home office computer chair. In the 1980s, with the widespread popularity of home personal computers, and computer games, home office began to rise in the world, a lot of people used to sit in front of the computer to play games and working, so a comfortable chair for computer games and office has become the market demand, the prototype of gaming chair appeared.


The early gaming chair, strictly speaking, it is not too much different from the computer office chair, mainly for home office and computer games, there is no professional gaming chair for e-sports players to use.


In 2006, a well-known American chair manufacturer, developed the world's first e-sports chair, which also marked gaming chair formally evolved a new category from the computer office chair.


With the popularity of e-sports games in the world, many gaming chair manufacturers continue to subvert the traditional chair concept and manufacturing process, by following the ergonomic design concept, and taking into account the cool and fashionable young styling style.

Post time: Sep-20-2022